Vission, Mission : Giriraj Nursing School, Baramati

Vision, Mission


We carve stones, we just dont polish them, we make monuments out of them.


Ensure scholastic excellence and develop nursing professionals who are compassionate and self reliant.

The Philosophy of the Giriraj Nursing School, Baramati

The Philosophy of nursing education determines the aims, objective content, method of teaching and evaluation.

Trust recognized that : The main aim of nursing education should be the personal development of student , make them aware about nurse's, responsibility to society and provide best method of teaching.

The Trust Recognized that : Nursing is a profession which is influenced by the advances in science and technology. It believes that skill in all aspects of communication are also essential for learning and for pratice of nursing.

The trust believes that it has responsibilities in helping student to develop pride in their profession and also keeping them with current knoweledge and professional trades for a successful career ahead.